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Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines

$ 29.95

Building on the success of their Web site and blog (, Gardiner and Shayne wind their way through patterns for adults, children and homes, including patterns by other knitwear designers such as Bonne Marie Burns. Helpful and humorous sidebars discuss the pitfalls of the sweater coat (including bathrobe syndrome), the beauty of Shetland wool, how to make a stitch marker out of citrus peel or tin foil, and the Holy Crap moment, where a pattern breakthrough occurs. Gardiner and Shayne alternate personal anecdotes throughout, with an especially enjoyable piece by Shayne about participating in the Tennessee State Fair knitting contest. With pattern names like Stephen Colbert’s socks and Golightly Kitchen Gloves, Gardiner and Shayne demonstrate that the secret of knitting is that the longer you knit, the more fun it gets.” – Publishers Weekly -

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