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Beyond Basics Class

$ 60.00

Once you that have mastered the knit and purl stitch, you can do anything so let’s move to the next level.  In this class you advance to increasing and decreasing stitches, cables, knitting in the round, changing colors and pattern reading.  In four weeks you’ll expand your knitting knowledge and your wardrobe. You will learn to knit seamlessly from the top down (no more purling!) and be ready to knit that gorgeous shawl, cowl, sweater, vest, skirt or afghan. FELTING is also an option in this class.  Your entire family will benefit from your new found talent as you will be able to knit all of their favorite accessories.  No more Beginners knitting for you!  


Cost: $60 for 4 weeks

Additional assistance during the 4 week instruction period is available

Prerequisite: Basics

Age: Any

Projects: Sweaters/Socks/Vests/Shrugs/Afghans/Garment Construction/Pattern Reading/ Blocking/Gauge