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The Knitter's Guide to Yarn Cocktails

$ 24.99

Brand Quarry
The new needle arts enthusiasts are young and hip. Most are either new to needle arts or are crossing over from knitting to crocheting and vice versa. This book presents knitting as a fresh and exciting leisure activity, dispelling any former notions of the hobby as grandmotherly. Each fun project in The Knitter's Guide to Yarn Cocktails teaches a specific skill so techniques can be learned in easy increments. The simple patterns offer a mixture of techniques which are the ingredients for learning more advanced projects. Angled toward the younger needle arts enthusiast, each project is inspired in name and attitude by a popular drink. By completing a "Yarn Cocktail" pattern, the reader will have created a beautiful unique accessory or garment and mastered a new knitting skill, and be empowered to tackle a more challenging project. Each pattern is accompanied by a recipe for the drink that inspired it, encouraging needle artists to knit as a fun social activity. But remember, the authors' motto is: Yarn Over, not Hangover!

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